Check Out the Secrets

      Rules of conduct in Greece

The inhabitants of this sunny country do not like hustle. They know how to enjoy every minute of life, so hurry to see the sights here is not accepted. It will be considered as a sign of disrespect and will irritate others.Women that want to visit Orthodox monasteries and ancient temples of the country need to cover their heads with a handkerchief, put on a skirt below the knee and a blouse that covers the shoulders. The museums rules are softer, but beachwear is inappropriate here.

Greeks love to talk, so be ready to keep up the conversation, or at least show interest in it. You can find a pleasant companion almost everywhere: in a taxi, at the tavern, bank, store, and your silence can be interpreted as a lack of respect. Even if you do not know the language, try to answer in English or simply by the sign language. The special features of the behavior may also include Greeks openness and hospitality. They can easily invite new friends to family events, so if you have the honor to be present at such an event — do not give up in any case.Climatic conditions have postponed their mark on the Greek way of life. The locals are resting from three to five o'clock in the afternoon. During this period it is not accepted to make telephone calls and hold meetings. And if you saw that others fell asleep, try not to disturb them.

You will notice that the count in cafe includes 10-15% service charge. Despite this, it is advisable to leave a tip on the table, which are often the actual earnings of the waiter. You can also give a little more tips to taxi drivers and hotel employees.Greeks are emotional, friendly and hospitable. Tourists are immediately strucked by the absence of sorrow about the future care of thinking about survival on their faces.