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    Wedding in Greece: 10 reasons to do it

Wedding in Greek islands is an unusual performance of the cherished dream and a romantic adventure that you will remember for a lifetime, and also it is an elegant way to get away from the boring queues to the registrar.

    • In Greece you can find all the variety of the landscapes. The mountains and the sea, bustling towns and quiet villages, museums and strict merry taverns — everything is close to you. Therefore, after the morning ceremony in the mountain chapel, you have time to walk through the bustling city and to take photographs of the sea. If you have decided to hold a ceremony on the island, we recommend you consider the Santorini catamaran tour. Reserve your seat today!


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  • Rules of conduct in Greece


The inhabitants of this sunny country do not like hustle. They know how to enjoy every minute of life, so hurry to see the sights here is not accepted. It will be considered as a sign of disrespect and will irritate others.Women that want to visit Orthodox monasteries and ancient temples of the country need to cover their heads with a handkerchief, put on a skirt below the knee and a blouse that covers the shoulders. The museums rules are softer, but beachwear is inappropriate here.

Greeks love to talk, so be ready to keep up the conversation, or at least show interest in it. You can find a pleasant companion almost everywhere: in a taxi, at the tavern, bank, store, and your silence can be interpreted as a lack of respect. Even if you do not know the language, try to answer in English or simply by the sign language. The special features of the behavior may also include Greeks openness and hospitality. They can easily invite new friends to family events, so if you have the honor to be present at such an event — do not give up in any case.

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There were times when gods lived close to people, walk with them on the same earth, breathe the same air. And, of course, they chose a special place for their habitat. A new generation of Olympic gods had won the battle with the Titans for the right to live on Olympus. Goddess of time Horae guarded the gates of Olympus. Gods loved watching the people and wars, some sympathized to the Greeks, the other to Trojans. Inspired by the battles, they often come down and fought on the side of their favorites.

Palaces on Olympus were built by one-eyed Cyclops. Their mysterious tribe was released from the realm of the dead Tartarus by Zeus. They gave him power over the thunder and lightning. And Hephaestus in his workshop on Olympus forged decorations for the palaces.Windows or the palace of Zeus and Hera were drawn to Athens, Thebes, Sparta, Corinth, Argos and Mycenae. Homer wrote that there was no wind, there was no rain, nor snow near the residence of Gods.


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